Please find the Frequently Asked Questions

You can register for enimar by hitting the Login button in the navigation menu, which will open a pop-up window with a login form and a Register an Account button. When you click the Register button, you will be asked to provide the personal information needed to establish your account. Finally you will receive a confirmation email with a password reset link, which you can use to change your password.

You can browse our list of courses from All Courses page. After exploring and selecting a course, click the Enroll Now button to be taken to a detail page with information on the course content. Then click Take This Course to confirm, and you will be brought to the check out page, where you will pick your preferred payment option and purchase the course.

enimar offers a variety of payment methods from which to pick. You may pay using your yenePay Account, as well as its partners' CBE wallet, hello cash for Anbessa and Wegagen Bank, Amole, and MBirr. If none of the above ways are suitable, you can use Telebirr to send to our Telebirr account (+251910445397) or transfer directly to our bank account (1000140834908 KEN-Techno). Don't forget to provide the confirmation through Telegram to +251910445397 while using Telebirr or direct bank transfer.

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